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Pyuthan District:

       Pyuthan District is a ‘hill’ district. Pyuthan covers an area of 1,309 km2 with population 226,796. Pyuthan Khalanga is the district’s administrative centre.

Geography and Climate:

         Pyuthan boaders Dang Deukhuri District to the southwest , Rolpa District to the west. Pyuthan contains all of Jhimruk Khola and the lower part of Madi Khola after if exits Rolpa. The vally of Jhimruk khola is the core of Pyuthan district. It’s alluvial plain is intensively planted in rice during summer monsoon. Wheat is grown as the winter crop. Madi Khola has eroded an inner gorge and is less suited to traditional irrigated agriculture.

Castes and Occupations:

          Bahun and Chhetri farmers cultivate irrigated fields along the jhimruk and unirrigated fields along the hillsides. They are served by the Newar, Damai, Gaine, sunar. Highlands around the valley are mostly inhabited by Magars, including Kham Magars at higher elevations. The district center Pyuthan Khalanga is situated on a hillside east of Jhimruk. Agriculture and cottage industries are the main economic activities of the district.


         Pyuthan District have a subtropical climate with temperatures reaching 40 Celsius in May and falling to single digits in winter. Snow occasionally falls on adjacent peaks reaching 2,400m


         Pyuthan was one of 24 small kingdoms in the Chaubisi Rajya confederation before Prithivi Narayan Shah in the second half of the 18th century. Pyuthan is home district of Dr. Yadav Pandit a research scholar working in the field of Experimental Nuclear Physics.

Sworgadwari Temple:

           Sworgadwari is a hilltop temple complex and pilgrimage site in Pyuthan District, Nepal. It is the most special place of Pyuthan. Thousands of people, especially Hindus, travel to this place with a belief that this is the door to Heaven and one should try to get to the Heaven to be blessed by God after his/her death. This place itself has a lot to offer to tourists from pilgrimage, amazing views of Mountains, lush-green paddy fields, rhododendron forests. The area is maintained by Sworgadwari Ashram Guthi which operated the day to day activities of the Ashram.


At Cherneta the Jhimruk hydroelectric venture abuses the Jhimruk bowing inside 2 km of Madi Khola while somewhere in the range of 200 meters higher. It has limit of 12 megawatts and supplies power for lighting, hardware and apparatus. Power is considered too exorbitant for cooking and warming.

Tourism Development Plan:

         Nepal is being enriched with historical places, natural wonders, ancient temples and religious destinations, are still need to explore and develop viable. Pyuthan District is rich in cultural diversity and it’s important from historical point of view. Although the district encapsulates diverse tourism perspective and promotion of ecotourism. The district has tremendous potential of village tourism through generation of income, employment and local markets for agricultural products and handicrafts.

sworgdwari mahaprabhu
sworgdwari mahaprabhu

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