Case Study on AI Solutions Vs. Conventional Solutions, Google Duplex, Do you think AI is good or evil

Case Study on AI Solutions Vs. Conventional Solutions,
     Every problem should have solution. For every problem we should find out the solution. Either we will use the Ai solution or any conventional solution. In the modern world The AI solution is the best approach to solve problem and it makes the world too much easy to move ahead and work in this . AI work with the help of the old and the experience that people teach to them, Yes we need to train them.
If the problem is modern and if there is enough data is available in the internet to train the model then yes of course  AI solution is the best solution time efficient solution. Only if there is sufficient amount of model and data is available in such case only , if the problem is new and we cannot relate with any other old problem then AI cannot work in this situation. For example if I assign AI to write my this assignment there is sufficient model available in the internet AI will write that but if I assign the AI to write code of how to increase the efficient of AI then it will fail after some step because its new thing and sufficient data is not available people have to research in the topic then only we can write the code. So in such case we need the conventional solution , we have to work by ourself and then we have to move do by own. SO I think AI solution is quite best than conventional solution, but both are important in both side we cannot ignore from both side.  All are equally important till now but AI solution is more easy  fast and convenient and it will save more time .


Google Duplex :- Google Duplex is a technology powering a new Google Assistant feature. Billed as a completely automated system, Google Duplex can essentially make calls for you, but with a natural-sounding human voice instead of a robotic one. This is the one of the better example of AI. Google Duplex uses the neural network to work and to execute , it work for the companies to book appointment like work and to tell the availability of the people in the shop like clinic , I really support the google duplex but I am not satisfied by the behave by company to India or to the people outside USA . As we know India Is a huge population but company look into us always lunch everything IN usa and not lunched till now. Its not lunched in India so I don’t have that much clear idea about experience . I hope it will be the best solution for Indian entrepreneur if it comes with the Indian voice also .

Do you think AI is good or evil?

I think AI is fully depend on ourself . It depend on us , how we train the model how we give the data to the system or AI , how it will act, if the owner who build the algorithm is the good then yes AI is good but if the algo developer is of evil habit then yes ai is evil. For easy example we can take example of robot movie, where the main scientist develop or build the code to  do the good work but after it goes to the bad hand then it  start working badly and goes to kill the own owner so now how u will see this ? like how u will say that ? does ROBOT Is bad or the developer who developed the AI depend ? yes absolutely who develop the algo according to that AI depend its Good or evil.  SO I don’t say AI is good or evil but yes I definitely say AI maybe good or evil it all depend on you and your behaviour, So if you are using others algo then please see all data properly and decide accordingly .   

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