How you can Compress Image online?

Compress image online is the one of the needed topic and one of the major issue for everyone who work with form filling and so many works. So today we will solve your big file size issue and you will get the compressed and reduced image from the help of this post.

How you can compress the image online ?

To compress the image online you can follow this step :

  1. Visit the following link.
  2. Upload your photo which want to compress the size of photo
  3. Scroll upto how much percent you want to compress the image size
  4. Then click on convert
  5. Then download image

Where we can use this compressed image ?

You can use the compressed image in different condition. In the context of nepal you can use the compressed image in loksewa form and many other forms ,

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Why you need the compressed image ?

you may need the compressed image in different goverment sites and public places or in such organization who cant pay more for hosting and cant invest more for infrastructure.

Why they store the compressed image ?

The bodies like goverment bodies never invest more in the infrastruce of the IT so they store the data in the compressed form . But i suggest the storing the compressed image may cause the issue to the user and user retention will decrease so goverment bodies should focues on storing orginal files , if thye get too much files then then should go for weekly backup and they can work or they can do server side compression its not necessary to say user to upload compressed image .

Why my quality of photo is reduced?

In this compressing process our code remove the some amount of the pixel from the photos and we provide it to you so while removing the process if any important pixel is removed then it may cause the issue and the quality will look a bit poor and of low quality.

Thank you for using the tool we hope we are able to resolve your issue and

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