Digital wallets of Nepal

Digital wallet of Nepal Due to gradually increasement of people in internet and banking digital wallet are increasing in Nepal. Online payment is being rapidly with digital wallet. Nepali needs international accepted online or digital wallet too but it is not possible till now due to NRB Rules hope it will be also available soon and nepali digital wallet will support international payment also. From nepali Digital or e wallet you can do following things normally from all wallet:-

1)Mobile recharge

2)Dth Recharge

3)internet bill payment

4)Electricity bill payment

5)Khanepani bill payment

And others too for more download once and check please

Now digital wallet of nepal are as follows:-


 Offered by :-F1 soft

Total download:- 500,000+

Rating on playstore:- 4.3


Esewa is the first and leading payment service provider from 2009 AD. Esewa has its wider coverage to all the district and has 10 lakh+ customer 40k+ register agent bonded with 47 banks and 1500+merchant

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2) Khalti:-

Offered by :-Sparrow pay pvt lt

Total download:-100,000+

Rating on playstore:- 4.3


Khalti is new but highly trusted and fast growing mobile wallet of Nepal. Due its amazing offers and customer friendly behaviours khalti is doing revolutionary change in digital wallet. It offers the safest and fastest online payment experience for bill payments, mobile recharge ,DTH payments, Money transfers, domestic remittance, shopping wallet payment bank withdrawal etc. It accept the money transfer from Various bank accounts & agent network. We are hopeful that more exciting feature will be added in future days.

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3) Ime pay:-

Offered by :-IME Digital solution Limited

Total download:- 100,000+

Rating on playstore:- 4.1+


With sologon of “No more queue! No more traffic jam! No more Penalty” Ime pay is in the nepali market from 1 and half year. It clims there is 14000+ Touch points to add money in wallet. It makes the payment easy , quick and hasslefree online digital payment from day to day services.

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4)Q pay:-

  Offered by :-Qpay

  Total download:-50,000+

 Rating on playstore:-2.9


Q pay is one of the e wallet of nepal. They sell The wallet first then again they are in market now with taxi booking feature and many more intresting feature. They also offer the fast and easy as well as reliable transition. They offer scan and pay service also.

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5)Prabhu Pay:-

Offered by :- Prabhu Technology

Total download:-50000+

Rating on playstore:-3.3


At initial this is qpay and now its owned by prabhu group and now its become prabhu pay . It also allow user to fast and secure transition.

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6) I pay

Offered by :- Muncha Developer

Total download:-1000+

Rating on play store:- 3.4


Ipay is one another digital wallet or you can say e wallet. They say that this is the payment gateway and works as an intermediator between the merchant and the shopper for purchase of merchandise online. Normal function is same as other site or wallet.

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Offered by :- A one technology pvt ltd

Total download:- 5000+

Rating on playstore:- 3.8


They offer all as same as other service provider but they offer tour packaging also.

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8) Everest sewa:-

Offered by :- Everest Sewa

Total download:- 500+

Rating on playstore:-4.1


Its works same as other wallet its new in the context of mobile walllet

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9)digi pay:-

Offered by :-digi pay pvt. Ltd

Total download:- 10,000+

Rating on playstore:- 4.3


Its one of a bit different wallet of Nepal specially other wallet gives cashback bt they provide goldcoin or their own coin which can be easily used in shopping and in other feature too. They are trying to change nepali behaviours so they accept cash too in Online shopping, They offer others facilities and on more they accept the Solid cash too.

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10)Enet payment

Offered by :- E-net payment

Total download:- 50,000+

Rating on playstore:-3.8


This is one another e wallet digital wallet of Nepal. This works on digital payment and digital services and recharges.

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11)E prabhu:-

Offered by :-prabhu management pvt ltd

Total download:- 10,000+

Rating on playstore:- 4.3


Its same of prabhu group . we are confused why prabhu group OWN NEW app . it also support all digital payment.

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ALL this is based on playstore and our use, please comment and let us know which digital wallet did you use an why?

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