What a boy expect from a girlfriend or a wife?

As in the modern time most of the people have their own relationship and most of the people have their girlfriend. Relationship is the one of the most important thing in the life. Girlfriend or a life partner is the important part of the life which track you in the success in each and every steps. A guy a boy can do everything in the life when he gets the best support from their or the life partner . But to do best in the life something the boy or something is needed in both side .

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Some of the points that we expect or the boy expect from the girlfriend as below :-

1)Trust :-

Trust is the one of the main thing that the everyone need in the real life and in the life. If your partner is doing something or trying to do something new then you should trust him or her . Trust in every case , many partner shock especially girl always shock for the boy that he will roomer with girl . how you can think like if he cant give you most of the time then how he have time to talk how he can like maintain another girl ? how ? how you can think like that ? If such boy gets a new girl or like cheating you then why he will stick to you ? why do you think that he will search new one ?

2)Not a Insecure of girl :-

This is a real world here is more than 50% people in the world is girl , how you can expect that the work with out girl is possible ? how ? If i talk with girl then how you can think i am flirting with her ?

3)Threaten about breakup :

None of the people like the threaten about the break and such stufff. when you threaten about the like breakup daily and like threaten then how he/she can do a work ? how like he she can do the stuff ?

More will be added.

In the every expect of life the people will do very best in life , he she can win the world . if really you think you cant control then that’s you are wrong , you can change your every behavior because you don’t have any behavior with you when you born . when you come to earth . So Please try to adjust in every step its all about management . i accept girl also have own life boy also have own life their own flaw of life . So when you both manage then your life will be definitely happy and prosperous.

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