What is corona? A article of 7 year old boy

What is corona? A article of 7 year old boy

What is Corona Virus?

          Infact,Corona virus is a type of virus,spreading all over the world,is a new virus and causes the disease called Covid-19. The most people early be moderately affected by it and upto now a days there is no vaccines or medicines to kill this virus. It starts by infecting upper respiratory track,which are the airway from your nose and are just above the vocal chord. It may devlop fever and your immune system starts to fight against the virus. Dry caugh may also starts. Through throat it spread to the lungs,making harder to the people to breath and causes “Pneumonia”. In the misterous case people may die from this virus because the immune system fails to fight against the virus. So we need to do that stops the virus from spreading is; as it enters in your body by breathing air or through your eyes and mouth, the best things to do is wash your hands regularly and properly. For least twenty second, Cover your mouth and nose by tissue paper or handkerchief while sneezing and coughing. Avoid touch your face. Thank You.

                                     Stay home, stay safe.                   

                                                                                              Utsav Devkota

                                                                                                 Grade: 2 ‘B’

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