About Dang

About Dang

        Have you ever heard about dang ? I think yes. You may heard the name of dang in quiz or other programme Because dang is the biggest valley of Asia.If you are travelling to dang or you want to know simple about dang don’t forget to read this blog. We have tried our best to explain about dang.

Simple Introduction:-

                   Dang is the Developing district and lies in center of Rapti zone. Ghorahi and Tulsipur are the main important and beautiful places for whole Rapti zone. Because it is located relatively plain area. The transportation and the communication is much better than comparing to other four districts of the zone.


           Dang district is located in inner Tarai in Pardesh No.5 in Midwestern Nepal. Rapti  is a mid-western region of Nepal. It contains five districts: Dang, Rolpa, Rukum, Salyan and Pyuthan. The largest town of Rapti zone is Ghorahi and its headquarters. Ghorahi and Tulsipur are two major cities of Dang district. Both cities are considered as municipalities. Dang is divided into two parts Dang and Deukhuri. Dang is the valley while Deukhuri is the Tarai region. This district consists of enclosing ranges of hills and mountains. North of Deukhuri valley, the Dang ranges as high as 1,000 meters with passes at about 700 meters.


           In Dang we can get various peoples with different religions, castes etc. Dang is full of cultural wonders. It is very amazing, beautiful place and rich in religious places. In Dang district consists many temples for internal and external tourists, It includes Chaughera mandir, Ambikeshwari mandir, Bageshwari mandir,  Ambapur mandir, Mandir Hapur, Dharapani mandir. In Dharapani mandir, the largest trisul is placed.

Rivers and Lakes:

            Dang is very beautiful by nature and lakes. Lakes in Dang district are Barhakune Daha, Jakhera lake, Charinge Daha, Jyamere Daha,baraha chhetra. There are several rivers and riveletts in Dang.  The Rapti River flows the length of Deukhuri and eventually joining the karnali River near Gorakhpur. Dang valley is drained by the Babai river, Karnali tributary. The largest river of Dang is Rapti river and Babai river. Agriculture of Dang is mainly based on the rivers in dang. Most of the agriculture is based on canal irrigation. Climate of Dang district is tropical.

Peoples and Tharu community:

         Dang is high Populated area of Rapti zone.  Dang district has majority of people from Tharu ethnics, Bahuns and Chettri are came from the Southern mountains. Nepali Language is the main language. Throughout historic times and probably earlier the Dang and Deukhuri valleys were home to indigenous Tharu people.  There are some Tharu village consists of several families living in a compact social unit. We can find large number of people of tharu community in Dang.

Roads and highway:

          Mahendra Highway is the main east-west highway across Nepal, follows Deukhuri Valley, passing Bhalubang bazar at the upper end and Lamahi downstream. Branch roads lead up the River into Pyuthan and Rolpa districts.


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