In the indigenous capital, a total of 726 MWs, one rupee rupee will be added

In the indigenous capital, a total of 726 MWs, one rupee rupee will be added

Kathmandu - Under the Nepal Electricity Authority, about Rs. 1 billion in the construction of company modules, about Rs. 1 billion has been arranged for about Rs. 5 MW.

      According to executive director Kulman Ghising, the authority to raise Rs 18 billion is just like ordinary people in the shares of all the projects constructed by the Authority.

Ghising, who rose 18 billion from the public for 4 projects under the Chilimim and upper Tamakoshi project, said that. "Every share of these has already been distributed and some shares are in distribution," he said. "All the shares are continuing this year," he said. 10 billion rupees for Tamakoshi rise up as usual. He said, "Chilime grows up 8 billion for the project constructed. '

"It has been confirmed that the project of investment of about one billion rupees is made from domestic investment," he said. "It has presented an example that it can be generated locally." The 20 MW Chilim Hydropower Project, which has been constructed in the company model, prepared the basis for investing in the construction of another 200 Mw. He argues. According to this, after becoming the Upper Tamakoshi of 566 MW, it can generate additional investment of 1,000 Mw.

Hydro projects are being constructed under the construction of Rasulim Hydropower Company Ltd., a project of Rasulima Hydropower Company Limited, 11000 MW, Rasuwagadhi Hydropower Project, Between 200 MW and Bhotokashi Hydropower Project, Upper Solution of 14 MW, 42 MW of 5 MW. Apart from this, the Upper Tamakoshi hydropower project of 4,600 Mw is under the construction of the subsidiary of the Authority.

The total capacity of the construction project will be 725 MW. For such projects, investment has been made from the Civil Investment Fund, Consolidation Fund, National Insurance Institute, General and Project Impressions.

Upper Tamakoshi has 41 of Authority, Telecom 6, Civil Investment Fund and Insurance Corporation and 2 (2 percent share of insurance companies) and staff deposited in the employees of the employee fund, 17 decimal 28 companies, and Nepal Electricity Authority employees, 3 decimal 84, Decimal 88 percent is invested.

The Chilimai Hydropower Company under the Founding Partner Group, 32 percent of Nepal's solar power company, and 18 percent of Nepal Electricity Authority shares shares at Rasuwagadhi Hydropower Project. Similarly, the shareholders have been distributed under the public service fund, 19 percent, 5 percent of the employees of the founding body, 1 percent of the employees of the lender, 10 percent of the project affected and 15 percent of the general public. Only these are going to be the failure of the project for the affected and the general public.

Likewise, 51 percent share ownership founder shares in the central Bhotekoshi of 102 MW have been set for the wealthy. 10 percent of the Authority's authority, 37 percent of Chilim Hydropower Company, 1 Company of Sindhupalchoch Hydropower, 1 Nepal Nepal Hydropower Company, 1 of Indus Investigation Company and 1% of Sindhu Bhotokoshi Hydropower Company. The remaining 4 percent share employees have been deposited to the deposits, employees of founding organizations, employees of lender organizations, affected locals and general public.

Gishing states that the example of indigenous investment for construction of these projects can also be made in such a model.

He said that the project called 'Critical' under construction under the authority also claimed speed. 'Kwakwani third of 14 MW now comes 2 (3 months,' he said, 'Trashuli III' (6 months ago).

There are three billion rupees of studying hydropower projects that can be constructed by the Authority, which believe in the provision of indigenous capitalization for construction of the company model for these projects.

The potential report of the Upper Arun of 830 MW capacity has been prepared, a detailed design of 8 MW milk milk project has reached the last phase.