8 killed in plane crash rip to all (with photo)

8 killed in plane crash  rip to all (with photo)

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             according to the news agency of iran, A boeing 707 cargo plane crashed on monday, KIlling at least eight people.

According to iran's emergency services chief pir hossein koolivand told state media outlet IRIB that "the plane went down at about 8:30 am local time near the capital tehran"।


The fars news agency reported that a Boeing 707 cargo plane crashed when it ran out of runway while attempting to land at an airport in the city of kara. 

Farsi News agency reported,citing iranian official that due to mistake by piolot , it come down at the fath airport.


The report said that the plane hit a buildinhg near the airport after the pilot lost control of the aircraft and ran out of space to land.

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