About Rolpa

About Rolpa

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Now start about rolpa:-


Rolpa District:

     Rolpa is a Hilly district of province No.5 in Midwestern Nepal. Rolpa covers Area of 1,879 km2. Liwang is the district’s administrative center. By Nepalese standards ,Rolpa is an underdeveloped area plagued by low life expectancy and poverty. Adjoining districts are Dang to the south, Pyuthan to the east, Salyan to the west and Rukum to the north. Liwang is the headquarters of Rolpa district.

Geography and Climate:

         Rolpa is drained southward by the Madi Khola from a complex of 3,000 to 4,000 meter ridges about 50 kilometers south of the Dhaulagiri Himalaya. In Rolpa,climate is moderate type at the low level where temperature increases  with increase in hight of the land. It is very cold at the top level.

Agriculture and work:

        Due to inner geoge of madikhola the irregated ricefield is less in Rolpa. But The Kham Magar live about a thousand meters upslope where little rice can be grown. Unpland harvests of maze, millet and barley are insufficient.So Rolpa has chronic food deficits. Kham Magar  also make money by selling their labor. They work as agricultural laborers in other districts, as porters, as soldiers and as general laborers, but their input is devalued by Rolpa’s underdeveloped education infrastructure.

Language and Education:

     Rolpali speaks magar language (kham )  more than Nepali language. There are very small numbers of schools and language of people use to speak afffects on education. Students who speak more Magar language than Nepali are disadvantaged in primary and secondary education because Nepali is the medium of instruction and the national examination system selects against students who are not proficient in it.

          Some school provides undergraduate courses but has poor quality of education at primary and secondary level schools in the district for the shortage of students they have been facing. The students don’t do well in the Secondary Education Examination(SEE) because of the poor quality of education at the primary and lower secondary levels. Those who pass SEE with good marks go out of the district to study.

Tourism Area of Rolpa:

           Thawang and Jaljala in Rolpa had potential travel distance from different angles in coming days. Political tourism maybe the one alternate beside mountaineering and travel around hilly reason. Jaljala is the famous place of Rolpa district. In the name of Jaljala there are many songs, poems are created and visualized. The poet Krishna Sen has taken Jaljala as the place of encouragement in his life. In Rolpa Local ethnical and cultural program can be next attraction for internal and external tourist. Siva Parbati Gufa is the one famous place which is located in Holeri. Tripurasundari Temple is located in Khungri which is the most  famous temple of Rolpa.


Some photos captured by kuldeep neupane of rolpa are below :-

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Rolpa thabang



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