Top tourism places of dang. Do you visit them ??

Tourism Area of Dang District:

Are you on dang? Or are you planning to visit dang? If so Don’t forgot to visit the place listed below,

                Tourism can be and is the basic source of income for developing country like Nepal where it can increase its prospective development through tourism promotion. Tourism in Nepal is associated with nature and natural areas.

              Dang district is lies in the Mid-Western development region of our country. This district is rich in ancient temples, places with immense historical importance, diverse ethnic groups, languages, landscapes, lakes and valley, biologically significant flora, fauna and wildlife, waterfalls, etc. Some popular tourism areas of Dang district are given below:

Ambikeshwori Temple:

          Ambikeshwori Temple is the highly religious centre of the attraction of people in  Dang. This temple lies in the lap of largest valley of South-Asia, Dang Valley. It is accessible to many of the pilgrims. The temple is known as ‘Maiko Than’(Mother’s Place) is situated to the north of Ghorahi,  one and half kilometers away on bank of Katuwa Khola. Saktipeethe is supposed to have emerged due to the falling of right ear of Satidevi according to the Swasthani Purana. This temple is the most popular Saktipeeth of Dang.

Dharapani Temple:

         Dharapani is a place in the region of Mid Western in Nepal where The Pandeshwor Mahadev Temple is constructed. Dharapani with the tallest Trisul  (Trident) in the world. The Trisul is made of metal, brass, copper, gold, and silver. It is taken to develop the historically religious site into a tourist destination. Dharapani is a religious tourism destination of Dang which daily attracts 2000 visitors according to the Temple development committee. The place also hosts a 5 day festival each year on the occasion of Shivaratri.

Dharpani mandir nepal
Main temple of dharpani
dharpani trisul
Famous trisul of dharpani

Jakhera Lake:

         Jakhera Lake based in Lamahi Municipality-5 of Dang. The mind-blowing scenic beauty of Jakhera Lake, which is at the bottom of the Chure Hills, has attracted the attention of domestic and foreign tourists.  In local (tharu) language jakhera means the place where rain water get collected. This is one of the major tourism site of deukhuri valley. The lake is surrounded by green forest and are being conserved by local community group. Many people come here for boating, fishing, and picnic.

May be an image of nature, mountain and lake
Jakhera taaal

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Ganeshpur Park:

         Ganehpur Park  is based in Tulsipur Dang. It is a park of Ganeshpur prestige and fame. It lies near the jungle where many natural beauty can be seen. It is the peacefull place where people go for feel peacefull environment. In this park people go for relax, enjoy with nature.

Baraha Chhetra:                            

            Baraha chhetra is situated 20 Km away from Dharan on the confluence of Sapta Koshi and Koka river. It is mainly dedicated to the Hindu God Vishnu. Makar Sankranti is a special festival which people celebrate in this sacred place. It is said that those people who take bath on the confluence of Sapta Koshi and Koka River and worship the god, they emancipate from their sins.

Baraha chhetra

Charinge Daha:

          Charinge Daha is situated at the eastern part of Dang Rampur. It is a natural lake. The lake is the origin of historically famous because it is the origin of Sarayu River. During Treta Yuga, Sita, the chief female character had penanced here to get Shree Rama as her husband. When God Rama visited the place they finally met eachother. There is a cave called Sita Gufa. Charinge Daha is one of the famous tourist has the possibility of rural village observation, trekking, sight seeing etc.

Charinge daha

Purandhara Water Falls:

           The Purandhara waterfall is situated in Purandhara Village-8 in the jungle area. This is the natural falls. The stream of kalapani khola falls off from the height of 45 meters striking the rock that has made the falls. It is situated at the bank of Babai River. The place is quite attractive because of the dense forest, the run off of Babai River, chirping sounds of the birds mixing up with the sound of the falls.

purandhara jharana

Bijauri ,Chillikot:

          Bijauri is a town and village development committee in Dang deukhuri district.In Bijauri , In Chillikot there is ancient temple of Kalika and Malika Devi as well as there is also damaged ancient palace of a king. Nepal Sanskrit University is also situated here.



    Sawarikot is the one of the hill of dang. In the list I mention it because it has great chance for upcoming day. As we all know from sawarikot dada we can do paragliding, But due to some technical issue or national issue it is not running there bt from there you can see the romantic valley of dang. So we request nation to develop the sawarikot as paragliding hub too.

There are too many places to visit in dang too .

We are sorry for not mentioning and describing them.

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