Top 5 best nepali movies of 2018

Now we are at the end of 2018 . 2019 is in our mouth we hope every one’s 2018 is best and 2019 will be more best.At the end of 2018 we want to summarize some films. The summarization is done by audience point of view if it hurts the developer we are so sorry for that .

Now the top 5 nepali movies of 2018 are as follows:-

1) Chakka panja 3:-

                      It is the sequel of chakka panja 1 and 2. In all the serious of chakka panja deepa shree niraula become a director.It become most popular film in 2018. Due to its coverage of local thing it becomes so famous and they collect almost 13.50 crore. Its become top most collection of film in 2018. Despite of this the audience are not satisfied because chakka panja 2 is not in youtube ,When we are preparing news. In the film you can get chance to see Deepak raj giri , Dipika prasai, Jitu Nepal,kedar Ghimire,buddi tamang, Kiran kc,Anurag kuwar, nir shaha and so on. We hope this team will make more film in social issue we say best of luck to all

2) Shatru gate:- In shatru gate you can get chance to see mahajodi. Due to the presence of maha Jodi and its comedy and famiy drama they collect around 12.54 crore . In the film you can also get chance to see Deepak raj giri dipashree niraula, Priyanka karki , pal shah, aachal sharma as a leading role. The film is directed by pradeeep Bhattrai. We want to see maha Jodi in others films too. The fifteen minute film of shatru gate is in youtube. In which there is 1 million view This fifteen minute video is this:-

3)Mr . jholey:- Mr jholey is directed by Taken Khadka . in this film you can see Dayahang rai , Diya pun , buddi tamang “hait”, and other . The film has collected more about 4 crore only in 15 day. Here you can get chance to see dance of dayahang also and its video is uploaded while pprepraring news so video is in below.

4)lilly billy:-

Lilly billy is directed by milan chams and produced by sudip Khadka and govinda shahi. In the film there is a leading a leading role of Pradip Khadka and jasita Gurung . the audience like the couple most . In the box office they collect more than 6 crore. AT the second week of December they upload the movie in youtube where they get too much love , At the time of preparing news its on trending of Nepal and crossed 4.5 million views. We wish for more better movies in upcoming days. The full movies of lily billy is below you can watch ;

5)Intu mintu londonma Intu mintu londonma it’s a childsong. Many of us sang this sonhg in chinld hood bt this film is romance of adult hood in abroud. In the film you can see romance of New actor Dhiraj magar and our samragya rajyalaxmi . This film is directed by New director renesha rai .

Best nepali movies

There are so many other flims that collect good and gets good response from audience . Some of them are :-


2) Changa chait

3) kri

4) Kanchi

5) Ramkahai

6) Happy days

7)koholpur express

8) Wild rocks

This article is based on source and a data study if it harm any one feel free to contact us..


. Jay Nepal…..

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