Why internship is needed in the student life ?

Student life

Student life is the learning phase of the life , in the student life you learn about many thing in the life . If you are in the in the student life you can do many thing you have time to test to check yourself to work by yourself and so many thing in this life and you can move ahead and do what you need in the life . This time is look like the raw clay from which you can do many thing like from raw clay you can make so many pots , But this is the learning time so you should get oppurtunity to learn about the things in this time so you should go for the internship also . Many people think or talk why i need the internship in student life? But this is misconception , you should do internship in Your student life . Today we will discuss about why you need the internship in the student life .

1)To know how the working culture works.

Look till the student life we are in the leap of the family member we always stay with the parents we have only looked how the company looks from outside but we are not familier with the corporate industry of the world so when you enter in the internship you will know how the corporate industry work how they functions and all the thigs. Do you know how the salary has been calculated in the company ? Do you know or feel that pain of hungryness when its lunch time but you have to complete the task and submit the work in the time? No so you will learn all this things in the life of the internship period

2)To apply what you have learned from the syallabus.

Student have learned so many things in the syallabus , it has covered so many things but they dont even know the real life implemantion of the everything . For example , You have marketing in the syallabus but until you dont work you wont know how to work how to do marketing how really marketing works and how much marketing is needed in real life scenario? so after internship you will get chance to know all those things and works ahead in the upcoming days

How to apply for internship ?

Internship is really hard to get to many students but you invest some time and mind from your own side then we dont think it will really hard to get the internship . Some of the points if you care all the below thing you can easily get the internship and you can work accordingly.

  1. Send your best and well managed cv to job provider related to your area
  2. follow your profession people in linkedin
  3. visit site like Internsathi and other intern provider
  4. approach the multiple people related to your job

Following above point you may get the internship in student life

Be sure if you get the internship you will follow the terms and condition of the company , dont forget to start making the Personal relations also so that you can redeem it in the upcoming days.

Best of luck for your better education and better internship experience.

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