How you can Compress Image online?

Compress image online is the one of the needed topic and one of the major issue for everyone who work with form filling and so many works. So today we will solve your big file size issue and you will get the compressed and reduced image from the help of this post. How you can … Read more

Python codes to “hello world” to add substract multiply and modulus

Python codes to say ” hello world” and other codes will be as below The first program in the python program is the hello world:- print("hello world") print("code by") print("its me bedbays pokhrel") Now the program to add multiply subtract & modulus is at below:- a=12 b=8 #for add sum=a+b print("sum of",a,"&",b,"is",sum) #for difference … Read more

Biography of pyuthan

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while searching about the biography of the different place you are here to visit and look the Biography of pyuthan. We hope you will love the content. Pyuthan District:        Pyuthan District is a ‘hill’ district. Pyuthan covers an area of 1,309 km2 with population 226,796. Pyuthan Khalanga is the district’s administrative centre. Geography and Climate: … Read more

Honda bike price 2022 [Feb 2021]


Honda is the one of the famous brand of the nepal. Due to high demad of the prices of honda bike in nepal we are going to cover the honda bike price in nepal. Honda motor is a jaoanesae company its famous in nepal due to its wide range cover in nepal  starting from 2 lakh … Read more


The use of AI and Ml in different sector are GIVEN BELOW. The use of AI ML in differnt sector like cyber security , Languge processing , Banking , Insurance will be disscussed below. 1)Cyber security The application of AI, ML in cyber security are as follows: Fraud phishing and spam detection Enhanced web cam … Read more

100 LONG ANSWER Question Of HMM /HVM

Long questions of HMM ENJOY ROCK THE WORLD And scrore 100 HVM is a subject which has been taught to the enginnering student of the sharda university . This all contains the HVM or you can say HMM notes and long answer regarding that i dont feel you willl need any other noted after that. … Read more

What a boy expect from a girlfriend or a wife?


As in the modern time most of the people have their own relationship and most of the people have their girlfriend. Relationship is the one of the most important thing in the life. Girlfriend or a life partner is the important part of the life which track you in the success in each and every … Read more